Adam Thomas Jones (born January 15, 1965) is a three time Grammy Award-winning Welsh-American musician and visual artist, best known for his position as lead guitarist for Grammy-Award winning band Tool. Jones has been rated the 75th Greatest Guitarist of all time by the Rolling Stone and placed 9th in Guitar World's Top 100 Greatest heavy metal Guitarists. Jones is regularly credited for a majority of Tool's music videos.

Music career
Jones and Keenan are interviewed about the arrest of co-character Ronnie Dobbs, a serial criminal. Jones also toured with the Satanists/The cross burners band and contributed to their albums Never Breathe What You Can't See and Sieg Howdy!. Jones and Melvins Guitarist/Vocalist Buzz Osborne are close friends. Jones also appeared on the Melvins album Hostile Ambient Takeover, the Melvins/Lustmord collaboration Pigs of the Roman Empire and the Isis album Wavering Radiant. On Mr. Show, he appeared as the fictional guitarist of Puscifer along with bandmate Keenan, and can also be spotted in the audience seated at a table with Keenan in the series' first episode.

Playing Style
Adam Jones is known for not predominantly using any particular guitar playing technique, but rather combines many techniques such as "alternately utilizing power chords, scratchy noise, chiming arpeggios, off-beat rhythm patterns, and a quiet minimalism". On Lateralus and 10,000 Days he made heavy use of triplets. Other techniques used to expand his band's sound repertoire require forms of instrumental experimentation, for example, on the Tool song, "Jambi", Jones uses a talk box. Adam, along with all members of Tool, loves experimenting with new things. Also in the song Third Eye he makes use of a guitar slide for the opening. He has two synthesizers that are listed below in his effects section. Live , Adam can be seen with a large pedalboard full of effects, including a DOD FX-40B Equalizer (EQ) pedal, Boss BF-2 Flanger, Line 6 DL-4 delay, and an MXR Micro Amp among others.

Visual Art
Jones created the liner art for the re-release of Peach's Giving Birth to a Stone, in which Jones's fellow Tool member Justin Chancellor played bass.He helped Green Jell├┐ with their costumes. In 2007 he received the Grammy Award for 'Best Recording Package' as art director for his work on 10,000 Days.Adam came up with the Make-up layout the actors wore on the videos for Schism and Parabol/Parabola. In his spare time, Adam shoots photography that is used for the visuals at live Tool concerts. Adam draws his own comics, a habit he began as a young child manipulating his ideas into 2-D form on paper.

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