toolband - official site
dissectional - tool art
toolarmy - tool fanclub
adam jones - adam's site
danny carey - danny's site
lobal orning - justin's store
puscifer - maynard's site
caduceus - maynard's vinyard

a perfect circle - official site
pigmy love circus - official site
volto! - official site

alex grey - various art
happy pencil - various art
chet zar - various art
ramiro rodriguez - various art
kevin willis - various art and photos
spiraleyes - various art and photos
osseus labyrint - live performances
lustmord - sound effects and remixes - current tool news - kabir's great site - guide to tool releases
futation - long-running fan site (awaiting overhaul) - source for all recording data on this site - site dedicated to MJK's music projects - very nice italian fan site - another great italian fan site - russian fan site - japanese mjk fan site - forums, offshoot of t.d.n
t.d.n photos - many live tool photos - amazing tool poster art resource

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